We have released music by the following artists:

NMC059 R_Garcia – Cardigan Ray
NMC058 Clibber Jones Ensemble – 3+3 EP
NMC057 Norfik – The Footprint Series
NMC056 R_Garcia – Live in Pensacola
NMC055 Tay0 – Possible Futures
NMC054 V/A – The Machine Stands: A WRLM Remix Compilation
NMC053 R_Garcia – Benchwork
NMC052 We Roll Like Madmen – Who is Heady Crystals?
NMC051 Jules Levine – Tuned Out [DL] 2012
NMC050 Gusbo – Black Keys / Open & Follow Single
NMC049 Sonny Hancock – That’s LA Single / Fragments Single
NMC048 Teig – Chord Collection One
NMC047 V/A – 99 Problems but a Chip Ain’t One
NMC046 Sharaab – Asura
NMC045 Sigh Rogers – Sigh Rogers EP
NMC044 Sonny Hancock – Sonny Hancock
NMC043 V/A – Eightest Bits
NMC042 CitizenGreen – Ulterior Motives
NMC041 V/A – Nophi Presents: Compilation Four
NMC040 R_Garcia – Everything Ever
NMC039 R_Garcia – I Used to Write on Walls (and Other NYC Stories)
NMC038 Line Noise – Cosmic Pacific
NMC037 Secret Life – The Great Book Of Mysterys (And How To Solv Them)
NMC036 R_Garcia – The Lost Sessions: Volume 1
NMC035 R_Garcia – Music for One Generator
NMC034 Plusses & Ups – You Have Knees, It’s all That Matters
NMC033 R_Garcia – Computer Everywhere
NMC032 Recompas, R_Garcia & Dry Lungs – Live @ WREK
NMC031 Aitanna77 – Deceptions Hurt
NMC030 Mr. Antonym – Self Titled
NMC029 V/A – Nophi Presents Compilation Three
NMC028 Line Noise – Amazonian Water Couches
NMC027 Kalx – 10162003
NMC026 V/A – Compilation For The Animal Charities Of America
NMC025 R_Garcia – Nerd Parade
NMC024 Recompas – Definition
NMC023 R_Garcia – Remover
NMC022 Satellite Grooves – Halos And Ions
NMC021 Plusses & Ups – When Might my Previous Train of Thought Return to Me?
NMC020 V/A – The Sound of One Constant Pitch
NMC019 Labtob – Basically Speaking
NMC018 R_Garcia – Travel by Light Rail
NMC017 R_Garcia – Zero Symphony
NMC016 Virgo – OOParts
NMC015 R_Garcia – Monkey vs. Pig
NMC014 Reed Rothchild – Five Oceans
NMC013 R_Garcia – Gluteus.Freq
NMC012 V/A – The Tokeo Remixes
NMC011 Tokeo – Ketcyup n’ Mustard
NMC010 R_Garcia – Animal Outline
NMC009 R_Garcia – Thank You
NMC008 Reed Rothchild – And So On And So Forth
NMC007 V/A – Nophi Compilation 2
NMC006 Barcode Lounger – Tech Support
NMC005 R_Garcia – Chinese Food
NMC004 V/A – Nophi Compilation 1
NMC003 R_Garcia – Conversation Pieces
NMC002 Funkanetics – Street Themes
NMC001 Jen[n] & Randy – We are HappyMoog