380563_303954916308131_422714023_nFounded in 1999 by composer/producer R_Garcia, Nophi Music Co. first served the vibrant “IDM” scene in South and Central Florida. The label quickly grew to include a roster of over 100 EDM artists from all over the world, releasing everything from experimental to house, drum and bass, chiptunes, and trap. By the mid 2000’s Nophi music was in heavy rotation on college & internet radio stations, in video games, and in motion picture soundtracks.

After a brief death (2009) and rebirth (2011), Nophi has served primarily as an outlet for “nerdy” music, centering around the Atlanta scene while inviting artists from all over the world. Now 21 years into existence, Nophi is focusing on sincere music from the margins of the industry, with a preference towards indy, low-fi, experimental, garage, and other outsider genres. If you’re interested in releasing music with Nophi, feel free to contact label admin, R_Garcia.