Update: 10.17.15

We’ve been working on the site today, putting up the complete artist list and tweaking the navigation menu. We will be making some big changes this month and have some other cool news to announce:

  1. We’re consolidating the entire catalog of releases from all of our subsidiary labels in chronological order. All electronic music from Nophi, Phitunes, Pelican Dump, One Constant Pitch, Do:Nation and Fort Karate will be given a new catalog number starting with #NMC001
  2. All rock (and other non-electronic records) will be moved to a new subsidiary label: Pup Sounds. The label will launch next month when the new Snoot album is released.
  3. We are in the final planning stages for a monthly electronic showcase in Atlanta. Details will come to light as soon as we iron out the dates.
  4. We are once again accepting DEMOS.

See you at the next update!